Color Recognition: Colorful Glow Sticks Xylophone

Colorful Glow Sticks Xylophone


Check out these colorful glasses of water.  They are simply glasses of water with glow sticks put in them.  I found this creative color recognition idea at Play at Home Mom.  Here Play at Home Mom shows us how to take these colorful glow sticks put them in glasses of water to creative a colorful xylophone.  If you put different amounts of water in the glasses they will create different sounds.  You can talk about the different colors as your Preschooler makes music with each glass.  They will not only be having a music lesson, but they will be learning their colors as well.  So much fun!!  I love multitasking.  Your child will have so much fun with this color recognition lesson.  Turn off the lights when you are doing this color recognition activity so you child will see how their xylophone glows.  And, if you keep your glow sticks in the freezer when they are done they will last for several days of this fun lesson.  Not only is this glow stick color recognition activity fun, but it is also economical as well.  You can get a whole bunch of these colorful glow sticks at the Dollar Store for a $1.00.  Got to love that!!

Click on this Link to find this Colorful Glow Sticks Xylophone Acitivity