Preschool Seasons: 4 Season Felt Board

Four Season Felt Board


One important Science lesson is teaching Preschoolers about weather and the different seasons.  The 4 different seasons can be confusing for a little one, but it doesn’t have to be… especially when using a felt board to teach it.  I found this how-to for a Season felt board at Crafts by Amanda.  It is really simple to make one and you and your Preschooler will be so glad you did.  Felt boards are a great visual tool to show your Preschooler the change in Seasons.  As the days change from Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall you and your Preschooler will change the felt board to reflect that change.  Through this fun process your Preschooler learns the transitions of the Seasons and the order that they go in.  It’s so much fun… they will truly love it.  You can even have your Preschooler change it daily to reflect the weather.  For example, if it is raining change the board to reflect that.  If it’s snowy change the board to reflect that.  And, so on.

Amanda explains how to make your very own 4 Season Felt Board in a very easy manner.  It doesn’t take much to make your very own.  Even include your Preschooler in the making of the felt board… you know that they love a fun craft.  Especially when they are doing it with you.  Basically you need the cardboard back of a writing pad or a cardboard cereal box and a whole lot of felt…. plenty of colors of felt.  As the Seasons are filled with color.  Grab a pair of scissors and glue too and you have everything necessary to make your very own 4 Season Felt Board.

Follow This Link to Make a 4 Season Felt Board