Preschool Crafts: Tissue Paper Easter Egg Decoration

Tissue Paper Easter Egg Decoration


I found this super colorful and fun Easter craft to do with your Preschoolers.  It is great fun and it is really, really easy.  You will have no frustrated Preschoolers with this craft.  It is a Tissue Paper Easter Egg Decoration craft.  I found it at Craft Ideas.  You don’t need much in materials which makes this craft not only fun, but economical too.  Love That!!  The kids will love doing this craft with you, plus they will love seeing their Tissue Paper Easter Egg Decoration hanging up for all to see.  They will be so proud.

You begin with having the Preschoolers tear up all different color tissue paper into 1-2 inch pieces.   The more colors of tissue paper the better… I love colorful things… especially at Easter time.  Take those pieces of tissue paper and let the kids wad them up into balls.  They don’t need to be perfect…. so don’t worry about that.  Once that is done let the kids dip a piece of tissue paper into some white craft glue and then place the tissue paper ball onto the Styrofoam egg.  Keep doing this same thing by going through all the colors of tissue paper.  Make sure to attach the tissue paper balls close to one another so that the Styrofoam egg does not show through.  Continue doing this until the egg is completely covered in tissue paper balls.  Once that is done it is time to hang up your Tissue Paper Easter Egg Decoration for all to see.  It looks beautiful doesn’t it?!  Sure does.

Craft Materials Needed:  large Styrofoam egg in size of choice, tissue paper in lots of cheerful colors, craft glue, paper clip for hanging

Follow This Link to the Tutorial